End of Year 1 of Uni: Packing up my life?!

As mentioned before, I am currently studying journalism, it has been an amazing first year, I have met so many lovely people, learnt so much about journalism itself (shocker) and grow so much as a person. I shall be doing a post about my first year, so keep a look out for that!

But anyway. Packing my up my life.

I would definitely say I like my home comforts and so when I moved out of my family home in the South-East, I had to bring all of my sentimental treasures with me, such as my Audrey Hepburn canvas. My parents brought this for me for my new residence and I absolutely love Audrey. H; her style and elegance are timeless.

I hated packing up my stuff for University and I equally hated packing my stuff up when leaving University, but I tried to be as ‘optimistic’ as I could and to stay on task and organised.

Here are a few things which I did to make packing go a little smoother, they can be put into practice in any situation.

Get some decent sturdy boxes

Some people like to pack  their stuff up in suitcases or bags for life, but in my opinion having a box (plastic or cardboard) is a much better way because you can label them to stay organised and they protect your breakables much more (so long as they are wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap of course)

Prioritise what needs to be packed up first

That is normally items such as books, home decorations, etc. In doing this is makes for a more sufficient process (which again lessen the burden which is packing). You could make a list on your phone or paper and put what items need to be packed up next to the day it needs to be done on.

Play music whilst packing

Honestly, it makes the best out of the situation because it makes time go faster, and come one who can resist a sing along whether with the poor person who you have bribed you to help you or in my case; solo.

Leave yourself enough time

You don’t want to be packing everything in a hurry and then ending up stressing unnecessarily! So make sure you get boxes and labels before hand and know what date you have to pack up by!

Don’t let packing stress you out

Whether you are packing to move out of uni halls like myself, packing up your room for uni, moving house, etc. Make sure you keep your focus on what is most important, the new and exciting change which is about to happen! Packing is just some dull thing we have to do several times in our life and once it is done, it is done…

Love hol x

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