My go-to summer breakfast


As the weather is becoming warmer and we are quickly approaching summer, for me the desire to eat healthier occurs also! So I invested in a Nutribullet (I got mine from here) to give myself the motivation to make healthier choices, especially for breakfast.

Breakfast for me has always been a tough one, even as a child I would refuse to eat in the mornings and since going to university I have completely disowned even the thought of having breakfast. Not because I don’t have the time, but simply because there isn’t really anything out there which took my fancy to eat in the morning.

Since having this handy little gadget it has transformed my ‘breakfast game’ completely! It is so simple to use with hardly any washing up (bonus!) and it helps me make sure I am getting a fresh and healthy start to the day. I cannot recommend one enough!

Here is the simple recipe which I have, to be quite honest, made up. It is cheap to make and honestly delicious!


Handful of frozen berries

Handful of pineapple

200ml apple juice (in the pictures I actually used orange because it was all I had, it really didn’t make that much difference! So use whatever juice is you have)

Water to top up (optional)

Chia seeds (optional- if you do use then, make sure you soak them in a little water for about 15-20 minutes before making the smoothie)

*Disclaimer: by no means do you need a Nutribullet to do this recipe, use whatever device you have. Nutribullets are on the more pricier side, there are other makes at a more comfortable price range which work just as well





I have been having this for the last week and it keeps me full until lunch and is a great start to the day for those who don’t like to have anything too big for breakfast.




Love Hol x

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