What I am looking forward to this summer

Ah here is another season of hoping for warmer weather (UK standards and that…), holidays and obligatory snapchats of a candid sunny photo with the temperature displayed from people (you know who you are, myself included occasionally), because people do not already realise how hot it is!

Seriously though I love the summer not only is it my birthday (turning 19 n old…) but you get lighter nights which welcomes barbeques with friends and family, the opportunity for beach days, free of work until the academic year starts again in the fall.

I find that we eat healthier food in the sunshine because to be quite frank, fruit undoubtedly looks more appealing when it has been sun kissed (don’t we all…). Also, a light dinner comprising of a main and a side salad is so satisfying whilst dining al fresco.

I am looking forward to spending quality time with my family as I have been at University most of this year, so that means family barbeques, strawberry picking with my beautiful nieces, getting thrashed at FIFA by my nephews, little days out with my Mum, etc.

I am also going on holiday to Barcelona with one of my best friends and flatmates, I cannot wait because it is a place which I have never visited! The Sagrada Familia is at the top of our sightseeing list (of course) but also making sure we schedule in those beaches days. Where you shall find me in the shade, reading whatever novel I take with me – I am really not big on tanning for long periods of time! All in all, I am looking forward to experiencing a different culture of food, fashion and architecture.

At the end of summer, I am going to Gran Canaria (another place I have never visited!) with my boyfriend and I am buzzing for it! The place we are staying is very close to the beach which is brilliant and has surrounding shops, restaurants and cafe’s which will be nice to explore.  It is safe to say the holiday shall be him trying to catch up with my natural tan, ha!

In between all of this, I will be trying to work as much as I can to get money for University: ‘the second year’. There is only so much a student loan can do for you really! But it also gives me something to do throughout the summer and I love the people I work with so it is good to see them all again!

So first summer back from University, wish me luck!


Love hol x

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