What is saving my skin?

*Disclaimer: I AM NOT A BEUTY BLOGGER! Don’t take this as a full on review, there are plenty of beauty bloggers who do a fabulous job of it. So just take this as me sharing my thoughts on this bloody amazing product.*

As an unfortunate victim in sensitive skin, when summer rolls around it is all fun and games (check out my last blog post here) until someone gets burnt…me!

Just a little exaggeration, I don’t really get sunburn but my face so extremely sensitive to the sun and it has the habit to turn ‘patchy’ because it secretly hates me. I just have to be careful what I put directly on my skin, which includes skincare – probably why I haven’t updated my skincare ever, but that is another story!

Over the years I have tried a fair amount of products to help with the sun situation but suncream’s which are labelled as appropriate for the face tend to leave my face feeling and looking greasy and oily. Trying to layer makeup on top is a dream which never happens!

So another summer, another suncream to try: and I am very pleasantly surprised!

Avène’s Eau Thermale Emulsion (I got mine here) it claims to be water resistant and dry to the touch, with factor 50 protection. Both of which I can agree with! Between sweating when I work (oh yes, I live a very glamorous life) and getting soaked by the nieces in a water fight, my skin has stayed protected.


The product applies really nicely as it sinks into the skin quickly, so no waiting around in the morning for it to do its thing! I would, however (with any suncream) reapply when you can because better to be safe than sorry! It’s scent it very subtle as it doesn’t have that ‘suncream’ smell, which I personally love but I understand that not everyone does! It smells and feels more like a skincare cream than a suncream which is very rare to find in a face suncream. The product itself is really lovely and I like the whole pump and lid situation which it has going on, it makes taking it out with you great as you don’t have the worry of it exploding in your bag (always a bonus).

And also – who doesn’t love a bit of orange packaging?!

I usually apply it in the morning (before makeup) and then as the day goes on, the amount I re-apply is proportionate to the amount of time a spend in the sun.

It is safe to say that this is my best suncream yet and it has made my summer essentials (I shall be taking it with me when I go on holiday!).

Love Hol x

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