Charity shop steals #1

I do love a good charity shop spree, you can buy clothes whilst doing a little bit to help a worthy cause – what could be better?!

Reflecting back on what I named this post, I can see that it sounds more sinister than what I meant..which is that you can find some really good bargains in the charity shop when you look properly.

As a student, the only options I have for clothes are either the high street classics (like New Look and H&M), (that is where my bank account goes to die) or charity shops. I mean I do like to treat myself once in a while, but it cannot beat the satisfaction of finding an amazing piece for half the price (or less) than what is in the shops!

The other week I found a couple of lovely finds when I went to Tenderten with my parents, so I thought I would share what I found.

(Side-note: Tenderten is a quaint town in Sussex which me and the parents like to go to once in a while, if you haven’t been and are looking for somewhere to drive to with your parents or Nan, etc. I would highly recommend)


Firstly I got this blouse.

If you don’t know me then blouses make up a good proportion of my wardrobe because they are so versatile yet elegant – you can dress them up and down depending on the occasion.

What caught my eye about this one was the lime green colour and pattern- I love it! I would wear it with some denim shorts in the summer (sleeves rolled up) and then in the winter, with skirt, tights and boots. I got this beautiful blouse for £4! I was already sold when I saw it, but its affordable price also, made it certain that it had to be mine!


This blog is still very new but if you don’t know, I am a little bit of a book worm- in particular, classics. So I am always on the look out for any which I do not own in my current collection, and if I can get the in a charity shop – bonus!

To me the idea that it has be read and (hopefully) loved by someone before, is sharing the love of a great and timeless read. I’m a huge Austen fan and I am trying to expand the collection as I only have Pride and Prejudice (what classics nerd doesn’t?) and Persuasion. I got these two novels for £1.50 each, both together are cheaper than if I brought them in Waterstones!


Last but most certainly not least is the lush bag which I got for £9. I have a love for anything which looks a little vintage and this will go perfect with my brogues (did I mention I was a nerd ha!). I love the aged look it has and the simple structure, the strap is also adjustable (how convenient) depending on what I wearing or what I am doing.

That is all for this trip, hope some of you are inspired to go out and see what charity shop steals you can find!


Love Hol x



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