Some treats for moi


I rarely ever treat myself to anything which isn’t a charity shop special these days because I cannot afford it! But I had some vouchers collecting dust in my purse from my birthday and they expire very soon (as my birthday is next month). So I thought I would treat myself to some pre-holiday things, they were ‘birthday’ gift cards after all ha!




I have been on the hunt for a planner for not only the second year of Uni but to organise the blog over the summer. What I have found is that there are so many lovely notebooks and the planner game is not as strong. I was in TKMaxx yesterday and spotted this one, it isn’t the most ascetically pleasing planner out there but it was basic and had lots of room for me to write to-do lists and deadline details. Also, it starts from July 2017 until December 2018, so a bonus!

But honestly I could spend ridiculous amounts on stationary if I let myself (or if my bank account would let me), I love it all!



Okay, I’m not fussed when it comes to jewellery, however, I love rings. I wear one on my ring finger every day because I like to fiddle with it as I can’t sit still..ever! And it is something I have done for so long. I only every buy good quality ones because I like to wear them every day and not have them tarnishing on me!

This one from Guess (which I got here) is stunning and I think I shall keep for best. I am a gold jewellery kind of gal, as all my main jewellery is gold, so it is so perfect. It was a really great deal as it originally retailed at £80, in the sale it was £35 and I only had to pay £10 with my gift voucher, sold!


Last but definitely not least, I got myself this maxi skirt which I am in love with! I love the material as it is lightweight and it won’t crease in my case when I go on holiday and the lace hem is a lovely detail. I brought it from New Look (here), £10 in the sale using my £10 gift voucher!

I can style this with my Converse (as per) for a day look and then sandals for dinner in the evening, I don’t own a maxi skirt and I thought I could even transition this into my fall wardrobe when the weather inevitably turns!

All in all, I am so happy with my purchases, I believe it is important to treat yourself once in a while. While I do not put importance on material things, it is nice to have something new once in a while as retail therapy is good for the soul…so they say!

Love Hol x

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