Charity shop steals #2

As you may already know, I love a good charity shop spree and when I was out and about I found these two items which I adore! If you haven’t read my first Charity Shop Steals post (which is here) then give it a read! I am absolutely in love with the two pieces I found, not just for their price but also how easily they can be incorporated into my existing wardrobe. When shopping (not just charity shopping) I always think to myself, how can this be incorporated into my style? Or course buying a piece of clothing which is a little different and quirky is always a good idea (especially as the seasons change) but make sure that it reflects your style at the same time.


Firstly are these gorgeous short which isn’t like anything that I own, the detailing is just beautiful and I cannot wait to wear them when I go to Barcelona in under a week! They only cost me £2.50 which I thought was an amazing price and they were originally from Topshop. I have a few ideas how I am going to style them but I shall share how I do in my Barcelona Lookbook!


DSC00241 (1)

And secondly, I got this lovely denim skirt for £1.49 but originally from Oasis, I love it as it is an amazingly versatile piece to add to my wardrobe. If you would like to see how I styled this bad boy then read the post which can be found here.

So in total, I spent £3.99 on two items which are so chic and which I am going to get a lot of wear out of this summer, a successful shopping trip if I say so myself!

Love Hol x

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