My Barcelona adventures (2017)

Going to Barcelona, to be honest, was not on my check list of wanderlusts until my flatmate/ best friend suggested that we should go, may I point out that this was when Ed Sheeran’s album ‘Divide’ had dropped and his song ‘Barcelona’ had me like… And of course, I am so glad we booked the flights back in April in my prison cell of a room at uni!

So Barcelona: it was a whirlwind of three days!

Flying out on Tuesday, arriving very early at London Gatwick for 6:45 am was a struggle to get up but knowing that I was heading on holiday soon got me awake for the day.

When we arrived at Barcelona airport midday and headed to our hotel which was a fairly long Metro ride, but luckily we had pre-bought out Barcelona Pass’s which gave us unlimited access to the Metro for three days. I would highly recommend getting one of these if you are visiting Barcelona because it makes getting around the city easy and as it is such a big city you definitely want to see as much as you can! Also, all the Metro trams are air-conditioned so it is a relief from the heat!

Our first stop after dropping our bags at the hotel was the supermarket which was conveniently about two doors up from the hotel, to pick up some water, a bag of ‘Lays’ (because are you really a British tourist if you don’t?!) and a couple of huge apples, and we headed straight to the beach!



I think the photo of the beach speaks for itself, it was absolutely lush! Paddling in the sea to cool down and reading by the ocean was just bliss! On the evening we ordered the most amazing fresh tuna I have ever had. The restaurant was right on the beach and we could hear the waves as we ate, so serine!


The next day we got up early to go to Park Güell before it got too hot, it was quite a trek up a massive hill! But was worth it as the view is just breath taking as it looks over the whole of Barcelona.

The Park is so peaceful and it is framed by the building by famous architect Gaudi, which are stunning with their mosaics which catch the sunlight beautifully! The Park is definitely popular with tourists because it was only half ten and it was fairly busy, so if you are wanting to go then go in the morning before it gets even busier and hotter. Crowds of people and high temperatures…no thank you!









After that, we went to Passeig de Gràcia to visit some of the shops but mostly just to go to Sephora! As a Brit, we do not have Sephora in the UK so I took this opportunity to have a good look and it was insane! But of course very expensive! So I just got my mum and I a sheet face mask each to try as I couldn’t go and not buy anything!



Then to end the day we headed to the beach and spent nearly five hours there, just reading and people watching because that is the best thing to do on the beach to be quite honest! As it was our last chance to go to the beach (as the next day we were returning to the UK) we made the most of the picturesque beach life!


Thursday morning, sadly our last day in Barcelona! Again, we got up early because we were going to Sagrada Familia for 9:45 am! Arriving a tad early we sat in the park soaking up the atmosphere and of course some more people watching ha!

Sagrada Familia: was insanely beautiful! The building itself is incredible, it has details of the new testament all around it and there are mosaic detailing which is stunning, Gaudi’s signature work. The inside though with so many tourists like ourselves, it was still very peaceful so we could look round in our own time and take everything in. The stain glass windows are definitely my favourite as the way that they captured the light was beautiful, I could not take a picture which does it justice!  We went into the Nativity Façade part of the building which had four towers, breath-taking views and a whole lot of steps, over 300! But when you get to bottom and look up, you can see the spiral stairs form and it is beautiful!  

The Sagrada Familia is for sure a landmark you need to visit if in Barcelona as it is world renowned and there is a whole lot of history involved with this famous building! I hope to go back in 2026 when it should be finished because it was so incredible and I can only imagine how stunning it shall be when finished!











Our last stop before leaving Barcelona was the Arc de Triomf, we hadn’t planned this but we had finished looking around Sagrada Familia a little earlier and had a few hours before heading to the airport. It was lovely to see the buildings around have the same reddish brick colour as well. We ended up sitting on a bench and just taking in the busy city atmosphere with the Arc in the centre.


Well, Barcelona, you have been a beautiful, cultural and exciting city to get lost in for a few days and I cannot wait to revisit you!  Can I just say, a side note from the incredibly culturally filled trip I have just had, but Mcdonalds in Spain have potato wedges as an option as a side and they were glorious! UK Maccies why is this not a thing here?!

I type this post on my bed the day after getting back and I am sad about having to come back but so grateful to have gone and seen parts of the beautiful city. I couldn’t recommend it enough as a place to visit as there is so much to do but the beaches are stunning, it is a city holiday with the chance to relax by the ocean, which suited me perfectly!

So until next time, ‘let’s pretend we’re dancing in the street in Barcelona’…

Love Hol x

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  1. StyleGlint says:

    Hi Holly!
    I liked this post, because you mentioned most important things that everyone should know before going to Barcelona. I loved your photos too! I’m glad that I found your blog☺️
    P.s: followed your blog💖
    Lots of love
    Sima x |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. H O L L Y says:

      Aw thank you so much for taking to time to read and follow💛 I loved going to Barcelona- it was so amazing 🌞I tried to follow your blog back but there is no follow button?! 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sima says:

        You can follow me by giving your email. There is a subscribe thing down my website. ☺️


      2. H O L L Y says:

        It’s because I didn’t have tumblr! But I have got it now:) your blog is awesome:)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sima says:

        Aww thank you ❤️❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. H O L L Y says:

        No worries💛✨

        Liked by 1 person

  2. beffshuff says:

    Looks like you had such a good time! So jealous of you! Hope you’re enjoying our summer off! ❤


    1. H O L L Y says:

      It was amazing thank you! I am thanks- hope you are too! Going anywhere for summer?💛✨


  3. Jade says:

    How amazing and beautiful! My wanderlust is bubbling over!! I’ve never been there but it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos:)

    Jade //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holly says:

      Thank you! You must go there at so point- such an amazing city, full of culture and colour✨


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