Defiently denim

Denim is one of my favourite fabrics, it is versatile, durable – not just referring to its wearability! Denim has stood the test of time as it is one of the most influential fabrics in fashions history; turning itself from being labelled as workers clothes to a chic must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.


A Little bit of a back story

Denim is called ‘Serge de Nîmes’ as its originates from Nîmes in France, so ‘de Nîmes’ as in denim. It is a very sturdy fabric that is dyed with an indigo dye which gives it its colour.

Denim jeans were initially manufactured as workers attire, however, in the 1950-60s they became increasingly popular for everyday wear and they became a symbol of youth. Major style icons for jeans were James Dean and Marlo Brando in films such as ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘Blue Denim’.

It was Levi Stratuss who first invented blue jeans in the 1860s (Design 501) as he was influenced by the loose trousers worn by Genoese sailors – they flared at the bottom to be put over their boots. It could be said that it was Stratuss who started the denim trend which would echo for centuries on – as Yves Saint Laurent said he wished he had invented blue jeans as they “are expressive and discreet, they have sex appeal and simplicity, everything I could want for the clothes I design” (New York Magazine, November 1983).

Nowadays it is a celebration of ‘all the denim’ as it is seen everywhere in so many forms; skirts, dresses, dungarees,  jackets, copious styles of denim jeans (I am still yet to venture into the 90’s Mom jeans…) and even in different colours, shades and washes.

To tell you the truth: I hated denim, I swore I would never ever wear it as I thought it was too ‘mainstream’. I can be a little picky with some fashion trends, sliders, for example, I shall never wear sliders.  I practically live in my denim jacket as a means to dress down my look for every day. I think what changed my mind is denim’s versatility and that it was easy to incorporate into my already existing wardrobe.

Personally, I think denim shall always be a part of our wardrobes even though fashion trend come and go. What has made the fabric so popular is how it denotes youth in such a simple way and it can be worn by all in different styles. The accessibility that we have to fabrics such as denim is also a contributing factor to why it will continue to stand the test of time in the fashion world; there are brands which produce denim pieces at so many different price ranges.

I would have to say though, even with my now love of denim: double denim…that is a look which in my opinion never worked and never shall work! That is why I only wear one piece of denim per outfit (usually a denim jacket) as it goes by the saying that less (denim) is more, ha!


These are my current denim loves:


I got the black denim skirt from Primark back in the Fall for about £10 and the blue wash denim one I recently got from the charity shop for £1.50! I included it in a post which you can find here.

I have never had a denim skirt before as I just never thought to introduce one into my wardrobe, I was reluctant to know if It would actually suit my style. Looking back on that now I can see how silly I was being! A denim skirt is an absolute winner as it can be made to look feminine with a floral blouse and sandals, but also super chill with Converse and a plain tee.


Simple style ideas:

white tee (Primark)

Denim skirt (charity shop, originally Oasis)

white Converse

*luminous* orange cross body (Zatchel)




black top (Zara)

black denim skirt (Primark)

statement neckless (*can’t remember)

orange sandals (New Look)



Denim has stood the wardrobe test of time for so long and here’s hoping that’ll continue So for a chic look, whether I am brunchin’ with friends or on a night out? Definitely denim.

Much love


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