African Fashion Week London 2017

I love fashion and everything about it; what it represents politically, environmentally and socially. Fashion is something which deserves to be celebrated as an expression of style and culture, so when I got the chance to go to AFWL 2017, I earnestly accepted!

As you may already know I have been doing some work experience at Chiswick Park Studios, they produce a show called Journalist Hangout UK. It is a very new show which discusses socially and political issues affecting the African diaspora – they were invited to watch the show and have backstage access. I have never been to a fashion show before but it has always been on my wish list of events to attend!



The day began with signing in, which meant I got a press pass – this was so exciting for me as I have never had one before! We then made our way backstage so the camera crew could get some behind the scenes filming done.

This included some vox pops with designers and models, talking about what they were looking forward to showcasing and what have you.


IMG_1868 (2)


Backstage was amazing to experience as there was so much lively energy from the designers who were getting ready to show off their amazing pieces.

The makeup which the models were given was both minimalistic and bold, focusing on a simple radiant base, and blog eyes. For the guys, it was just minimal base makeup.



The show was exquisite, the atmosphere before the show was amazing to experience; people taking their seats in their own fashionable garments!

Here is a photo of me waiting for the show to start

*my photos are not the best as I do not have the best camera in the world!


As I waited eagerly with everyone else for the show to start the lights dimmed and the show began…

Here are just some of the beautiful pieces that were on display



One of my favourite lines which were showcased was called Purpose (shown below). It was so colourful and glam, with the added decoration of sequins that shimmered in the light as the model worked down the runway.



So my first ever fashion show – what an amazing experience! What stood out for me wasn’t just the clothes, but the enthusiasm from the people attending. For these (predominantly) women, this event was more than just clothes on models, but part of their culture which they are so proud of.

African fashion is so inspiring and is very much part of the global market – look around, many of the prints which we love so much, are inspired by African culture. The whole event was a celebration of African fashion in one of the most, if not the most culturally diverse cities in the world. I feel so grateful to have experienced this wonderful event, I hope this is the first fashion show of the many!

I also have a post about what I wore to this amazing event, which can be found here!

Much love


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  1. zoey says:

    you presented African fashion in this post gracefully and tastefully! well done
    why dont visit my blog and leave your thoughts?


  2. iamtinu says:

    Great post..💯💯

    Please check out my new post.. Its also on African fashion


  3. iamtinu says:

    Great post..💯💯

    Please check out my new post.. Its also on African fashion


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