Simple Summer (hair)Style

Sorry, I just really wanted that alliteration going on, even though it doesn’t really count…

Yes, so as the title shows, a summer hairstyle idea! I am not very creative when it comes to hairstyles as I either wear it down or in a ponytail – exciting times. However last week I had really greasy hair (fun fact: I like to leave my hair as long as I can before I wash it. Grim.) so it had to go up, but I wanted something a little more exciting than my standard pony. I just added some plaits either side and I got a few compliments at work, so from now on it is my go-to work hairstyle also!


All you shall need is:

around 4 tiny elastics (I’m sure they have a better name than that!)

a hairband (I use the plastic ones which are a fairly new to the market, they are fab as they don’t get tangled in your hair)

hair brush – I use my beloved Tangle Teezer

teasing brush

curby grips (optional for if you have layered hair, for the braids)


Here is a picture tutorial for you (looking at these photos make me cringe a little):


I started off with straight hair which has been blow-dried, but curled, crimped, all the same result (I am presuming…)


Grab a small section of your hair behind your ear


Tie the braid with a small elastic (you can use two just in case – I usually do that for work). If you have any hair which hasn’t stayed in the plate, use a Curby grip to secure.


Using the end of a teasing brush, loosen sections of hair to give it a tousled look


Ta-da! (*this is the one that makes me cringe the most)

I love that this look is simple to do (took be about 3 minutes) but is still put together. The small braids are a subtle touch and this look is perfect for the beach, work, every day, etc. I know it is a very basic style but for those of you who are like me and just wear their down 99% of the time, then this is an easy little touch you can add to a basic ponytail!

If you give it a go, hope you like the result!


Much love,


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