Today’s Wardrobe: Bardot denim, my new love

I’m not sure why I’m calling these post’s ‘Today’s Wardrobe’ as I never really upload it on the same day of the wardrobe! Next post like this: I promise the day will correspond with the outfit.

Last week it was my 19th birthday, so my boyfriend came down to visit (from up north) and we went out for dinner to Bills. If you have never been to Bills then you should go, their food is amazing and reasonable prices for all you students out there – you can use your NUS Extra if any of you have that. My boyfriend and I have very different food preferences but I knew he would enjoy Bills, and he did ha!

*here is another photo of me outside of my parent’s house!


Anyways, the outfit! My sister bought me this dress for my birthday and I love it, I got it from the Missguided shop in BlueWater (it can also be found here). If you have read my blog before, you know that I love denim and the off the shoulder look is something that I cannot get enough of during the summer.

I don’ typically go for bodycon dresses as I’m short and the only way I would wear one is if it was a suitable length – this one I instantly fell in love with as I have never seen a denim Bardot dress before and I feel like this was a suitable length on me also!! My boyfriend said that the dress’ sleeves looked like “little shorts”…



I paired it with these orange sandals from New Look which I got last year, but I am pretty sure you can find some like these anywhere!



And for jewelry, I paired it with my trusty Kate Spade bracelet and this dress ring, which I don’t actually know where it is from as my other sister gave it to me years ago (I love this ring as it looks like Kate Middleton’s famous ring).



I have had such a lovely few days with the people I love and eating so much food! Being home for the summer is amazing, seeing the friends I love so dearly and spending quality time with my family.


Much love,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. beccksss says:

    that dress is unreal!!


    1. Holly says:

      Aw thank you!


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