7 Faves: September

Long time, no post it a little bit of an understatement! September has been a crazy month really with so many changes, the biggest being moving back to Uni for year 2!

Excuses aside, I have truly missed blogging – so I am back on it!

Okay, my seven fabulous faves of September:



First of them is the Real Techniques blending sponge! If you have read my post on how I clean my blending sponges (which can be found here) then you may know that I only ever used the dead cheap ones from Poundland. So when I was in Boots the other month I thought I would just see what the hype was about and if it was worth paying more money. Let me tell you: it really is! The cheaper ones are really not worth it as this blender is so soft and bounces products in amazingly! Also because the sponge is so soft it makes cleaning it a dreamDSC00706


I know it has been a solid 7 months plus since Ed Sheeran released his album Divide but I am still oh so in love with it. There isn’t a song which I’m not a fan of and what makes it even better is that I shall be going to see him live next April! I usually don’t get like this with any artists but this album is an exception!

Dive is my favourite song, Galway Girl being my second!


Next up is this Yankee Candle in the scent Garden by the Sea which was kindly given to me for my birthday back in August and it smells so lovely. The scent both fruity and floral, but to be honest, I cannot describe scents to save my life! Sidenote: I do love a bit of candle burning when getting ready…yes I know – so very basic!



I love yellow. It is hands down my favourite colour, red coming a close second. When I saw this adorable bag in Primark I knew I had to get it and it only cost me £3 – absolute deal. I love that it is a toned down yellow, not a luminous yellow as it is easier to style and screams fall!



The other day I went to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle and let me tell you it was amazing! I hadn’t actually watched the first one but I definitely shall. It was a sophisticated action movie, Egerton was so dreamy, Firth is as class as ever and Elton John made the whole film. I would highly recommend.


We also went to Spoons after, a bit irrelevant but I think this is a really cute photo!


If you know me, you know I love a matte lip – so when I came across Rimmel London’s Stay Matte lipsticks I got hooked. I mentioned the red shade in my last 7 Faves, but I have gotten this lovely shade called Pink Blink and a grey called Shadow– which I am still yet to try out! This pink liquid lip is so beautiful, I don’t usually go for shades as light as this but it is a great everyday colour! I wear this red shade (called Fire Starter) whether I’m on my Aldi shop or going out and it is great, does not budge!



Last but not least: my Uni room! Comparing it to my room last year, it is twice the size, a better location and above all more homely-  still have some alterations to make in terms of decor, but it is getting there. I have missed Uni and the independence which comes with it, but being so far away from home is the strangest thing ever and I still cannot get used to it. I may do a Uni decor related post when I have completed the furnishings of my own room…



Much love,


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  1. Love the yellow bag, that was such a find! x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Holly says:

      I know! They have them in khaki green also! X

      Liked by 1 person

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