Testing: Revolution liquid highlight

I love Makeup Revolution products so much; they first captured my heart with their contour pallet and then their highlighters which are next level. So when they announced they were releasing some liquid highlighters, I knew I would have to get on that too.

Like most of us, I love a popping highlight because it puts some life back into my skin and during the winter its night to have something to remind us of summer!


I went for Luminous Gold to start with as I have tan complexion, however, they come in 6 other shades, all available in Superdrug.





The product applies really nicely and with ease. My initial thought on liquid highlight is that it would be quite runny and go everywhere – however, with this product, the application is easy as the consistency is perfect.



This is the result, just on top of my base products:




I like the result of the product just on its own as it is really pigmented, however, the texture is a little oily, which is expected. It does blend in really well, but you have to be fairly quick with it because it sets quite quickly!



I popped on some of their highlight in Peach Lights also, which really brought it all together in my opinion, and also some lippy because I never feel done without something on my lips.

I am really impressed with this product, I can see myself collecting all of them! Makeup Revolution you have killed it again!


Much love


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  1. This is Kat. says:

    Yes these are so pretty! I recently purchased one of their liquid highlights too and I love it!


    1. Holly says:

      They are beautiful aren’t they! Already know I’m going to get them all😅😂

      Liked by 1 person

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