‘Knit happens’

*side note: what a pun if I ever saw one

Things tend to get more tiresome in colder months and with the darker nights its hard not to feel more drained but when sh*t happens, knit happens…

The high street stores have a great range of knit-wear on offer this year, for me personally, I always find Miss Selfridge always steps up to the knit-wear game around this time of year and this fall they have not failed!

I saw this jumper in Miss Selfridge and fell in love.


It is the detailing on the arm which drew me to it as frills are everywhere at the moment and it is placed not on the shoulder but mid-arm which is something a little different. Nevertheless, I am in love with it!

This jumper retails for £35, its £24.50 on sale (it can be found here).


Primark is an old-faithful, I cannot go into that shop without buying something! I have always been a fan of their knit-wear because of its affordability and range. This jumper which I went for is honestly the softest thing ever because of its almost velvet texture.


It retails at £10 and there are other styles and colour options available (I was eyeing up the other one in mustard yellow), my friend got a beautiful one in a deep purple_ so stunning!

I hope with this jumper, it won’t end up looking too worn too quickly because of its material. I think that it looks better quality than its price and is a great little addition to my wardrobe!


Much love


5 Comments Add yours

    1. Holly says:

      Thank you! You should defo check out primark’s selection! Xo


  1. Sima says:

    Wow! They’re so beautiful xx

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  2. The Miss Selfridge one is so cute! x

    Liked by 1 person

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