Testing: 5 days of (Naked) Heat

About time if I say so myself – I have had this pallet for nearly a month before I could bring myself to use it as its so beautiful. Stupid as it sounds but I really didn’t want to mess up the perfect shadows.


Holly’s minor OCD aside – a post about how I found using the pallet.

This is one of the most talked about pallets of this year as the colours just look stunningly beautiful, the warm undertones and the mix of mattes and shimmers – Urban Decay just take my money.

There are lots of posts/ videos out there for you to browse which will give you a more ‘educated’ review of this pallet but I just wanted to write a little from the perspective of an amateur makeup user. I’m not including swatches because there are copious images on google!

So: 5 days of (Naked) Heat!


He Devil  all over lid

Cayenne crease shade

En Fuego deepen crease

Scorched + Lumbre centre of lid


Sauced all over lid

He Devil crease shade

En Fuego deepen

Lumbre centre of lid


Ounce + Chaser all over lid

Low blow + He Devil crease shade

Ashes deepen crease w/ Low Blow + He Devil to blend

Ounce centre of lid


He Devil all over lid

Ounced centre of lid


Low Blow crease shade

En Fuego deepen crease

Ounce centre of lid


So first an for most: way too many selfies for a girl who doesn’t take them unless it is a mug for Snapchat! I know in the pictures all the looks look the same, they probably are me just layering the same look on in a different order, I’m not a pro: cannot stress that enough.

However this pallet is so stunning, the colours are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend, which is really helpful for makeup newbies. I would really recommend this to anyone, especially around this time of year as it is so autumnal!

I am pretty sure my PR version got lost in the post,  Urban Decay, but it is okay, finally managed to get one and test it out….


Much Love


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  1. This Palette is my holy grail!

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