What’s in my bag: moderen- day Mary Poppins

‘What’s in my bag?’ – there are millions of these floating around the net, but if you are to look in anyone’s bag, you must look in my flatmates Louise’s.


Louise is not only one of my coursemates but also one of my favourite humans on earth! Ever heard the saying “pack for every eventuality”? Lou takes this to the next level and it is brilliant- she is my modern-day Mary Poppins.

Her bag is from New Look and inside is this massive pouch which holds everything in the pictures below:


As journo’s we have to have back up batteries for equipment (e.g. mics)

Why have one hand cream when you can have a selection of three?

Just in case SPF!

Okay, this is where it starts to get a little more interesting: this girl has a travel first aid kit. I can’t believe it either.

Ever since Spoons don’t give out straws as liberally these days, Lou decided to go overkill with the staws when we last went to maccies – ,pure genius.img_26611.jpgIMG_2662[1]

I save the absolute best for last: brew anyone?

I couldn’t believe this one, tea bags and milk and sugar sachets, bloody brilliant!  IMG_2663[1]

It is safe to say Lou puts us all to shame when it comes to handbag essentials, I mean my bag is an absolute state. It has keys (which I just about remember to take with me when I leave the house), about 3 packs of gum with only 2 pieces in each one, probably some 3-year-old lip balm, and more receipts than money!

She’s an absolute gem and I think we could all learn a thing or two from her organisation skills!

(Thank you Louise for letting me invade your bag!)

Much love,


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  1. My Existential Babble says:

    Love posts like this! x


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