7 faves: October


I usually have something to say about each month, but October has been rather uneventful so I cut-the-crap and just get into what I have been loving in the month of October…

Like every student out there, Netflix is my first love. However I’m one of those people who will watch the same thing over and over (usually How I Met Your Mother), ‘My List’ is never dug into. So I decided to change that and started watching ‘Mr Selfridge’ – yes I am aware I am practically and tea-drinking old lady at nineteen. But it is so amazing, it tells the story of how the world-renowned shop; Selfridges was founded. And of course glazed with both glamour and scandal – I love it, would highly recommend.


You must know this by now: I love Makeup Revolution highlighters. They are so affordable with great quality, but I have never tried the Skin Kiss until now. They are slightly different to the Vivid Baked ones as they are more subtle which I actually quite like. They have more of a softer effect which is great for every day. I picked this one (‘Peach Kiss’) as the others in the range are too similar to the Vivid Baked ones in my opinion.


This has to be one of my favourite books of all time as I have an infatuation with the roaring- twenties. The other day I was feeling rather homesick, so a quite one with a classic was needed. If you haven’t read ‘The Great Gatsby’ or even watched it, then I highly recommend you do because the novel is such a short read and no doubt you shall be transformed back to the golden age.


I love denim as you know and if you didn’t know, I have a slight obsession with coats – I think that’s why I love winter so much. My philosophy is that once you were a coat once then everyone has seen it, so that means you can for sure buy another one… This one from Primark is a dream – so warm and of course, denim is always a winner in my books. It was £20 (steal) and they do them in blue-wash denim also.


I enjoy most genres of music, but this cove by one of my family-friends is just so beautiful! It can be found here – you must give it a listen!


I’ve known this lovely lady for years and years and it was only recently I heard her sing through this track and I was just blown away! So give it a listen and maybe even a like because for a 14-year-old she has an amazing gift.

Kiko is one of my favourite brands because it is so affordable and the service you get when you go is like that which you get in high-end makeup brands. I have only recently gotten back into painting my nails and this shade is one of my favourites. It is an orange based red which is my favourite because it is bright and strangely goes with most things. The formula is great and with a top coat, it lasts a good 4-5 days.


Last but certainly not least are these boyfriend jeans which have already made a little appearance on my insta (@hollyonablog – shameless plug I know). I got the from  Roca. John Roca in Debenhams back in the summer and I’m still loving them even though it is full on winter. Every time I wear them I get a few compliments which is rather nice and they brighten up my day and outfit.


Much love,


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  1. Really love the black jacket, it looks so cosy and warm! x


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