What I Ate Today: Student life

Being back at Uni (for me) means different eating habits as being a student means shopping and cooking for one’s self – which I both love and hate. So if you have read any of my other ‘What I Ate Today’ post’s then what I eat at home is different to what I eat at Uni.

Gosh! What a long introduction if there ever was one.



Fun-fact: I don’t eat breakfast when I’m at uni, as I mostly have 9am’s then I just cannot be bothered to make anything, so I usually just have a glass of water.

However after my lectures which is usually around 11am I come in and have something as I’m usually starving by then, and most often than not it is cheese on toast. I use Warburtons wholemeal bread and then whatever cheese I have in my fridge, sprinkle a little pepper on top and then grill for 5-6 mins. And of course ketchup on the side.

Because it is so cold I have to have either a cup of tea or coffee, today I was in a coffee mood – with a splash of milk.




On this particular day, I had a late lunch of leftover pho which I had made using Saskia Gregson-Williams’ book Naturally Sassy. Cannot lie, this isn’t the best-looking meal but it warm’s me up and tastes so fresh.


Afternoon snack


This yoghurt is by far my favourite as it isn’t like most natural yoghurts which can taste too sour, but it is fat-free with reduced sugar. I hadn’t ever tried this flavour but it was so delicious! Would highly recommend.




I was feeling like a quick and easy meal of veggie sausages, sweet potato wedges and beans. So boring but so filling!

I use the Linda McCartney’s sausages as they are by far the best when it comes to nutrients (and they are really affordable). For the wedges, I just microwaved a sweet potato for 10 mins, cut it up and then cooked the wedges for 10-12 mins with coconut oil, salt, pepper and paprika.


We don’t do this all the time but one of my housemates was ordering a Maccies and I thought a perfect opportunity for a McFlurry, crunchie to be precise.


I also had some grapes because why not!


Much love,


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  1. Khadija says:

    As a uni student I can relate! Lovely post, thank you for sharing! ^_^


  2. elenablogerize says:

    Hi Holly, I did contact you before via your contact information, but as I didn’t get any reply I wanted to ask you here via comments if you are interested in a collaboration? Should that be the case or if you would like to get more information I would happily hear back from you directly elena@blogerize.com. Should you not be interested, all the best and happy blogging!


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