A trip to Trentham


Saturdays for me usually comprise of doing absolutely nothing until mid-day, I know how stereotypical of me being a student. However, with assignment deadlines approaching I have been making more of an effort to have the ‘get up and go’ state of mind. So yesterday I woke up fairly early, had a shower and cracked on with some work – honestly it was a semi-productive morning! The afternoon was the highlight though:

Taking breaks from work is highly important (*she types with an uncertain look) so I and two of lovely girlies took a trip to Trentham to start off the festivities.


Trentham Village is such a lovely place to have a wounder, especially around the festive season, we needed to get some Christmas shopping done also, I managed to get my sister, mother and brother-in-law gifts.

We stopped for some lunch at a tearoom called Capabilitea which was lovely and warm – it reminded me of the place where I work when I’m back home, homely and a great place for a cuppa with friends.

I had the soup of the day which was butternut squash and sweet potato – it was delicious, a pot of breakfast tea and a scone with jam and cream.

*sidenote: I do jam and then cream which is the Cornish way apparently, come on you have to spread jam not just dollop it on top…



Being at Uni makes me incredibly homesick but doing something as simple as this helps because it is something which me and the parents would do on the weekend and it reminds me that home time for the holidays is only two and a bit weeks away (and I cannot wait!).



Much love



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