My fave festive films


Christmas is by far my favourite time of year; I love the music, crisp weather, festive food and of course the obligatory films which come with this time of year.

I’m sat by my window typing this with ‘Winter Wonderland’ playing and the snow is falling, I just want next weekend to hurry on up so I can get home to my family and watch Christmas films with them.

I know there are many wonderful Christmas films out there, and some people may be offended that I haven’t included The Grinch. I pretty much love all Christmas films (other than Muppets Christmas Carol- I cannot deal with puppets).

But if I had to choose which are my absolute faves, it would be these.

_ _ _ _ _

Home Alone


I have to start off with this one because it is just brilliant! Every year, this is the first festive film I watch because it is so 90’s and the music is so magical. I would have to say Home Alone 2 is my favourite out of them all because NYC screams festive and I can relate to Kevin’s obsession with Christmas trees, they really are magical.

Of course, there is the massive debate if Home Alone 3, 4 and actually count, to me I don’t mind Home Alone 3– the other two are irrelevant.

_ _ _ _ _

Love Actually


This never fails to have me in stitches because it is so wonderfully British – nothing beats British humour. I remember watching this with my rather conservative parents, worst thing ever – I would not recommend doing this if you have parents like mine because it’s just plain awkward.

But this is a great one to watch with friends on a Saturday night with a load of snacks, blankets and a couple of G+T’s.

_ _ _ _ _

The Polar Express


This film is what brings out my inner child at Christmas, the annotations are brilliantly done and it has such a simple but powerful Chrismas message.

This one brings back childhood nostalgia for me, I remember watching it with my Dad as he’s a massive fan of Tom Hanks. I think I’ll have to start that tradition again!

_ _ _ _ _

The Holiday


Just your typical Rom-Com Crimbo film, I love the main cast as they are some of my all-time favourite actors and actresses. The storyline has a deeper meaning than just a festive house swap of Iris and Amanda to get away from their boy problems.

_ _ _ _ _

A Christmas Carol


I understand that his one isn’t for everyone as the animation is a little ‘creepy’ (I cannot think of another word)at times, but as always, Jim Carey brings the character to life. Inspired by the novel written by one of my favourite authors, it is safe to say that this one is one of my favourite classics films to watch this Christmas season.

_ _ _ _ _

Of course, Christmas is more than just watching films or eating gingerbread until we cannot move, it is about the people we do these things with. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not – you should definitely take some time out to sit back and watch a festive film or two. (or in my case 50…)


Much love


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tjohnson says:

    I love Home Alone as well!!


  2. Khadija says:

    The Holiday is such a cute movie! Thanks for the suggestions! ❤


  3. Chloe Lauren says:

    I have a terrible confession. I have never seen Love Actually! I probably need to now 🙂


    1. Holly says:

      Oh you must it is so brill!


  4. Lena Dee says:

    These are all top picks of mine! I’m actually watching Love Actually rightness now!

    xx Lena |

    Liked by 1 person

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