Walks in Leek

Yesterday myself and two of my coursemates/ best mates decided to venture out of our Uni bubble and take a walk near-by in Leek, Stafford.

It started a really lovely day; the sun was shining and in the Midlands, it’s quite a rarity as it is usually raining, but naturally, the sun decided three hours of an appearance was job done. But this didn’t stop us from venturing out.

I had just had a driving lesson in the morning and had plans in the evening so hence why I wore the most unpractical clothing one could wear to go for a hike but that’s just typically me!



Honestly, nine times out of ten if I wake up and the sun is shining then I will without a doubt wear a skirt, I am craving spring and summer – for goodness sake it is March.

So we drove a forty minute drive, parked the car and got walking – the views were lush.

The land formations were breathtaking, like the paramount scene out of Pride and Prejudice  where Elizabeth and William rejoin in a sunrise gaze- ‘where is my Mr Darcey at?’




(sidenote: for any classics nerd: a certain someone got Pride and Prejudice mixed up with Jane Eyre, *still disgusted Soph).

There were multiple clifts to climb, even some people abseiling in appropriate hiking gear, which was more than I could say.

It was cold and blustery but it certainly did not stop us from having a good old trek.

We climbed two hills – one which had lots of rocks around it and another to explore an abandoned house.



Where I go to Uni there isn’t a lot to do unless you are able to drive out a little, but once you do it is like you are transported back to the country in some places. It made me feel a little homesick as I haven’t been home in over two months – so I am counting down the days until I can go home for Easter.

Yesterday’s walk was a great way to not only exercise and fresh air but to spend some quality time, with quality friends.


Much love,


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