Sticky toffee pudding: a British classic ‘veganised’


Before anyone jumps at me, I am fully aware that ‘veganised’ is not a word in the English dictionary. However it won’t be long before it shall be, we can ‘veganise’ anything: from our decaf-no foam- almond milk latte’s to our desserts (apparently), such as this British classic.

I’m not a vegan myself but I can appreciate why people are, I do try and cut down on my dairy where I can (I can’t when it comes to chocolate although, it’s what gets me through the day.), so a vegan dessert – I’m going to give it a go once because you cannot bash it until you try it, right.

Prior to leaving Uni for home, I scoured the recipe stash I have at Uni and took some photos to save me lugging the cookbooks in my suitcase across the Northen Line.

Our oven at Uni is quite pathetic and I am not willing to settle for second best sweet treats. There is so much which goes into making a cake or pudding, it is almost therapeutic also and for it then to be ruined by a dodgy oven: no thank you.

First Sunday back from Uni: of course the Mother had to sort me out with a Sunday roast.

So I thought ‘I’ll make something for pudding’.

I had accumulated a wad of things I want to make whilst being at home, one being Saskia Gregson-Williams’ ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’ because it looked so delicious in her photo and I haven’t ever attempted to make a vegan dessert.

I’m not going to list the method or anything because it isn’t mine so, if you have Saskia’s cookbook Naturally Sassy then it will, of course, be in there, but the recipe can also be found on her website here.

Here are some photos of the ingredients I used and a picture diary of me following the method.






A cheeky side note: the recipe called to make the sauce out of cashew butter not cashew nut butter – which is what I used because where am I going to find that on a Sunday? And when the heck am I going to use that again? Secondly, I did not realise you had to pour the sauce on top of the mixture prior to putting it in the oven! And thirdly, I forgot to take a photo of me making the sauce, oops. 

Okay, the verdict is that it turned more like a flapjack with an insanely sweet sauce to top. Personally, it was way too sweet for my liking. If I was to make it again, I would simply just make a non-vegan one…

I was a little sceptical of this recipe from the beginning because can you really adopt such a Britsh classic like a sticky toffee pudding?

The answer is: no.

There are some things which are allowed to be ‘veganised’ like your smashed-avo-on-toast, super-berry-smoothies or even a curry or two every now and then. But a British pudding like this one, should not be altered.

I want the buttery sponge, treacle sauce and to drown it all in custard – call me oldfashioned, but it’s just tradition.

Of course, that is just my opinion, try it out yourself…

Much love,


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