6 items to elevate your wardrobe


Fashion trends come and go, last year we saw the 90’s make a huge return in the form of mom jeans and bumbags, this year – the 70’s is all the rave with flared sleeves and bold patterns.

However, it is easy to get lost in the fashion world we live in, where ever decade of fashion is welcome – individual style can sometimes seem second-thought and overshadowed by what the Hadid’s and Jenner’s are parading around in.

Here are six of my favourite items which you could incorporate into your wardrobe to elevate your own style.

1. Hats

They not only hide a multiple of sins when the hair isn’t looking too hot but can really complete an outfit.

If you are looking for something to give a look that 70’s look, go for a fedora. It can be both casual and classic chic, depending on how you style it.

With a skirt, blouse and jacket – voilà, a perfect transitional winter/spring outfit.

The best thing about making a hat part of your wardrobe is that you only really need one to start off with. By picking one which is a neutral shade- it can go with lots of different pieces, which is great if you haven’t got the budget to splurge on multiple items.

2. Blazers

This office staple shouldn’t be overlooked as being drab, when in fact it has the art to transform an outfit.

Pick a blazer which will make you excited to wear and pair with multiple outfit scenarios. There are so many different styles and patterns out there, unlike what people may think it is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation.


Here are my two staples, which I love to pair with a blouse, jeans and converse. It is the perfect smart casual weekend look for whether you’re out and about brunching or wanting to get that Tesco’s shop in style.

3. Court shoes

The platform and ankle strap heels are very much the rage at the moment, however, let’s take a minute to appreciate court shoes.

They are elegant yet edgy and are that transitional deal breaker from taking a standard day-time look of jeans and a tee into a super chic night time outfit.

I would recommend having a couple, one neutral toned and one which offers a pop of colour.  The two I have definitely fit the colour scheme I tend to abide by, have a search and see what is out there to suit your wardrobe pallet.


4. Pendants

When getting ready in the morning it is so easy to shove on clothes and run out of the door without thinking about jewellery. Why would you? You have dragged yourself out of bed to get somewhere, mission achieved!

No: jewellery should never be an after-thought and a pendant is such an easy thing to chuck on before venturing out of the house to cease the day.

This one I got at the beginning of this year, I love the colour of it and the style is vintage which I love.

With most things, just look for something which expresses your style and which you know will be easy to wear on a day-to-day basis.


5. Silk scarfs

As the weather is getting warmer and the chill of winter is finally retreating, there is less need to wrap up so much. However, if your residence is in the UK and there is still a nip in the air, a silk scarf may be your saving grace.

They don’t scream winter as much as a woollen one does and they can be worn when out and about for meeting during the day and then taken for a whirl around town with a leather jacket for Friday drinks.

The possibilities are endless with this one and what is great is that they can be found at multiple different price points.


This one I got from a vintage store for about £3.50 – dead cheap. Charity shops are also a good shout when on a hunt for one and if you are looking for a vintage one – it is probably your best bet for finding one, second to an actual vintage store of course.

6. Blouses

Not only can they be worn around the office but also on the weekend with jeans and flats. What people tend to forget about fashion is that taking pieces from one scenario and applying it to another is how you will make the most out of your wardrobe.

What I personally love about blouses is there is the flexibility to go up a size and channel the oversized trend – which is perfect when sale shopping where sizes are limited.

I have so many different blouses but here are my favourites.


Much love,


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