Today’s Wardrobe: A summer’s evening


Who doesn’t like to get dressed up and go out for dinner, its one of those things which can make you feel a little bit more special, especially if you have a new frock to go with it. This one from Zara (found here); which is currently in the sale (which I am not annoyed about at all…) so grab it while you can.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I was so happy when I came across it because I was looking for something to wear for both my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary dinner and my niece’s dedication – this one is appropriate for both and I love the style of it. What is even better, it was only £30 which is amazing for its quality!


It is a light linen material which is perfect for summer days or nights if you don’t mind ironing it a couple times. I personally hate ironing, it is so tedious – since being at uni I have only used my iron once, for a date and I have not used it since!

Anyways, back to the dress – for me, I love the minimalistic look because the pieces of clothes are so easy to style individually and are timeless. Meaning they won’t go out of style and can be worn again and again – great for if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend ages trying to style up an outfit.



I do love a pop of colour to my outfits and these shoes are it. I got them from Primark for £3 last and they have been a dream to style with loads of different outfits. They are a bit of a killer to walk in but are so worth it as the embroidery speaks for itself.


Jewellery as always, I kept very simple, with my fine gold chain, Kate Spade bracelet, fine hoop earrings and a simple gold band. I wanted to clothes to be the main focus of the outfit and I love simple jewellery.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Outfit details

Dress – Zara

Shoes – Primark

Bracelet – Kate Spade

Ring – Topshop

*also s/o to my Mum for taking these photographs, what a gem

Much love,


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