What I Ate Today: Work edition


It’s that time, for the first time, in a long time, when I share everything I eat in a day. Of course, this varies from day to day, but usually, I don’t stray too far from what I know…



‘The most important meal of the day’, we have all heard that before once twice or a billion times in our lives, but it honestly is for me personally because what I have for breakfast almost ‘sets the tone’ for everything else I will consume for the day.

9/10 times it is porridge for me; sometimes I will have a smoothie as well and sometimes I may have a smoothie instead. Porridge is a great one if it is your ‘cup of tea’ because it releases energy slower throughout the morning, so more energy for longer essentially, which is great when at work.

What is best is you can go to town with your choice of toppings, I usually always put cinnamon on top because I love it, no matter what the season is! Today I had blueberries and honey to accompany it because I am a (natural) sugar junkie.

I also make sure I start my day right with a bottle of water and a strong coffee.

*and I also love my breakfast with a side of B99

Morning snack


This is usually around 11(ish) when I a starting to get a bit peckish and I need another coffee!

Bananas are a favourtie of mine because they are filling, nutritious and provide an instant kick of energy.

*my coffee looks strange, I promise it was not this odd looking when I drank it and I had already downed half of if before remembering to take a picture…



Because it is summer and the UK is being blessed with a heatwave, all I really want when it comes to lunch is fruit, in particular: watermelon.

Most days I usually just have an even bigger portion of watermelon, and that is me good. However, today wasn’t able to have lunch until 3pm because the restaurant was so busy, so I picked up a cheese and chive scone also – my workplace makes some of the best I’ve tasted, I’m not biased of course…

I just have water and try my very best not to have another coffee because I read somewhere that you shouldn’t drink caffeine after a certain time of the day because it can still have an effect on your body into the hours of the evening. I have trouble getting to sleep as it is so I can eliminate ‘caffeine’ as the cause by doing this (most of the time…)



By this time I a ravenously hungry! So for dinner today was this amazing curry from Tom Kerridge’s cookbook, it is gluten-free and vegan, so incredibly tasty and of course healthy. When I get in from work all I want is a shower, a hearty meal (like this one) and some downtime!



If you cannot already tell, I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, so as a means to try and curb my cravings from eating all the desserts, I have gotten into the routine of eating dark chocolate. I can honestly say it is really delicious and better than milk chocolate – which I never thought I would ever say because I basically live for chocolate! But I have managed to cut down on it and replaced it with this 85% cocoa dark chocolate!


Much love,


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