What I have packed for Paris


Packing in general has never been my favourite thing to do, it’s the effort of sorting out what you need and what you want to take. Then there is everything from the washing, ironing and folding of clothes, to buying those tiny bottles to transfer shampoo and conditioner into.

However over the years I have some what perfected the amount which I need to take to ensure I have enough options but not being over packed!

I am going to Paris tomorrow for a week, and I am so excited! Me and my friend booked it at the beginning of the summer so we would have something to look forward to and to work for!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So here is what I have packed:

When buying or packing clothes, I always think ‘how can I wear this multiple times?’. By doing this it makes pieces transitional from day to night, just by a simple change of shoes or jewellery.

So, for this trip I put items into three different sections; ‘bottoms’, ‘day’ and ‘night’. This really helped my see what I could pair with what as some ‘day’ tops I could wear with a skirt in the evening on a different day.


I wanted to just take the jeans I will be wearing to travel in, two skirts (the one with the lace is just for the evening and the other is for both daytime or evening) and a pair of shorts.



If you know my style, I love a couple of t-shirts which I can wear either in the day with shorts or with a skirt in the evening because it is the perfect balance of smart and casual, which is my style to a tee.



These tops are just for evening wear and what is great about them is that they do not crease, so no need to iron. I hate ironing, that is why I do not do it, so I am certainly not going to do it whilst on holiday!





One for the daytime and one for the evening, simple.


For shoes I just packed my heeled sandles for the evening, white Converse and the black trainers I will be traveling in.

Everything else? All in zip-lock Ikea bags because when you distribute your toiliteres out, it is less bulky than putting them all in one bag (also it stops any spillages!). Makeup is just my everyday makeup (a post can be found here, with all the products I use.) with an extra red lip chucked in – I don’t switch it up with my makeup, as I like to keep it simple when travelling!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So that is all I am taking for my one week trip, as well as my straightners, I do not go anywhere without them…


Much love,



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