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Last year when I first started this blog I did monthly favorites, my last one was in June, however, I always found myself struggling to find any more than two or three because let’s be real: how many of us find more than three things per month which we actually like?

So as of now, I shall be doing a post like this which could be one thing which I am loving to a whole bunch of things I have discovered, and it may be monthly or it may be fortnightly.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I know it was released earlier this year, I got on the hype with everyone else, but I soon fell off ‘the hype’ about one episode in. I’m talking about ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix.

The 2004 version with Jim Carrey will forever be my go-to, however, the Netflix adaptation has drawn me in by surprise, it is something I watch when I need a break from re-watching Friends for the fifth time or Gossip Girl for the millionth.



I love food, not only eating it but reading about it and also listening about people talk about it. Introducing ”Bon Appétit’, which has already made its debut on this website, but I need to praise it again. I recently loved the interview they did with Chrissy Teigen because she is hilarious and anything to do with what other people are eating, I am like a moth to a flame…


If you haven’t heard it a million times already: it is autumn (or fall as I like to call this times of year).

So that obviously means cooler weather and for individuals like myself, losing all that ‘summer radiance’  and highlight alone, simply won’t do.

*Entre ‘Bio Oil’* This stuff is magnificent, not only for dry patches but scars; I use it on my hands, arms and face every evening and it has been working wonders! What is most surprising is that it has not irritated my skin at all, so here’s hoping it’ll work for you too (if you so try it of course).


There isn’t much to say about this next one, ‘Black Amber’ by Zara other than ‘I just love It’. Next.


I did a post on an autumnal makeup look (which can be found here) done from a palette which I am adoring at the moment, the palette is by Makeup Revolution in ‘Iconic Fever’, which can be found here.

Not only does it have an amazing range of eyeshadow shades, but I am also using some of them as a bronzer because I have 1) ran out and haven’t been able to find anything which I like in Superdrug, and 2) who does not like a multi-functioning product

Much love,


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