This is me – Holly, and welcome to the blog!

Gosh, what does one write in an ‘about page’? Well, I am currently a student studying Journalism, hoping to eventually be a news reporter or writer – I’m not quite sure just yet but definitely, news related!

I am from the south of the UK  but go to Uni in the north, so part time northerner and part time southern-belle!

I am a lover of fashion, food and a good blog post when I’m not working or at Uni you will find me on my sofa, scrolling through twitter because who doesn’t do that in their spare time!

I’m not a writing, fashion or life expert but I do hope to touch on these sorts of topics with an editorial spin! Writing is my first love and I cannot get enough of it so that is why this blog exists! To be quite honest with you I’m not that keen on the word blog, I’d rather call it a website but does that sound too pretentious?

I have many hopes to grow this blog into something both creative and homely (if a blog can be that?!) – meaning a site you can log onto after a long day, sit down and read with a cuppa!

I hope you find something you like to read on here and stick around! All my social media accounts are linked below, would love if you joined the family!

Much love